How to get a man to want to marry you

First off buy him nothing, you need to learn to take care of yourself first. Spend all your money on yourself, too feel great and look good. The more you give the less it will make a man work to want you.

It is also better for you and him to have a very strong friendship as well. Friendship goes a long ways and teaches you to respect on another and look out for eachother when there are troubled times. So no cookies for him, until he is fully ready to commit. Your cookies are your power so do not give them away. Let him know he is getting no cookies unless everyone from his single life is fully dropped and erased. This will force him to kick it into high gear and start dropping the hoes giving them zero explanation or warnings as to why. You have to make a man work to get you, and to keep you. Obviously this is all purely an opionion.

If you have been with a man for 2 years and he is not ready to commit, you are giving him way to much. Some of that needs to be taken back and with held. I’m not talking about the loving faithful relationships without marriage. I’m talking about the ones where the man is still running around with multiple women. Your body is your temple. There is strong power you hold by with holding everything to make him make a choice. It will either make him leave you, or make him man up.

A lot of you are scared he might leave you. However all men are replaceable, what one man won’t do another will be more then happy to do. This is a huge reason a strong friendship is first most important. You have to put yourself first to know what you deserve. If he is running around, that is not your man. So why are you trying to make him your man? You already gave him all of you and made him work for nome of it! You have to pull your emotions out of it. It’s like a card game, you play your hand right then you win. You don’t play your hand right, then you loose and the game is over. The more you give the less you will receive.

If you are a single woman and screwing every man you meet, stop saying how alone you feel, or feeling like you are the victim cause no one wants to marry you. You are your own enemy because you do not respect your body enough and you are giving away all you have. So no man will ever take you serious enough to sit back and think, she is wife material. Close your legs and your filthy mouth and stop talking like a horney man all over social media. Or all your doing is making yourself a easy target for a year long sex friend who is using you for just that. You are being used until a real woman comes along and makes him work for her, then you will be dropped. Know your worth.

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