Parenting Tips in the Internet Age

Parenting tips:

you have a rebelling teenaged child who uses a smartphone with privacy apps? Is he or she a flight risk? Well, below are some tips you can use to get your child in check, before it is too late. 1.) Downgrade the smartphone to the old dinosaur dumb phone. Yes, they still exist… and guess what? They are only capable of talk and text. No apps. No internet. 2.) Make your child sign contracts. Hold them to it. Most importantly: Be sure to INSPECT what you EXPECT! See the pictures below of the sample contracts. If they refuse to sign, make the consequences very uncomfortable until he/she signs. Permanently take away something materialistic that means everything to them (school sports, electronic devices, vehicle, and etc). 3.) Put them on a strict schedule. What time they wake up, eat, and go to bed. What chores will be completed before they are allowed to go outside. Parents must inspect and spot check what they expect of their child!!! 4.) Team building and self correction. If that rebelling child has a brother or sister, when one screws up punish them both. Make sure the punishment is soft enough to not break their spirits, but harsh enough to make the other tell the rebelling child to get their crap together. 5.) REWARDS for noticeable improvements and long term patterns of good behavior. Notice how I did not say good behavior alone? No child should be rewarded for what is immediately expected of them. Doing so is a slippery slope that children will take advantage of because they will expect to be spoiled for appeasing you. 6.) Love and Affirmation – with all the mentioned discipline and expectations above, a child needs to know their parent loves them and will properly mentor them. This is the most important trait because the child will respect and love their parent for raising them right.

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