The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe I have ever found ….

I have always enjoyed staying at the Doubletree hotel, the hotels are usually very clean, the sheets are white and soft, with plenty of fluffy pillows. The customer service is always excellent. But, I have a secret to tell you shh!  Dont  tell my family….. the real reason I like Double Tree Hotel is…….upon checking in they always greet you with warm chocolate chip cookies. It reminds you that even though you are not at home – you can always feel welcome. It’s like staying at your grandmas house but no one is making you do the dishes after dinner. I found  a recipe just like this a few years ago, after one of our many trips from Minnesota to Missouri to visit my husbands family. We stayed at a Double Tree Hotel and I was in the mood for just one more warm chocolate chip cookie! Click on the link below for the mouth watering recipe. (recipe credit goes to the little

Enjoy !


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