Traveling to Los Angeles? Here are some tips on affordability for Transportation.

Starting from the LAX airport, try taking Uber to your hotel. Uber as actually a very affordable way to travel in California. Unlike some states, California is one of those states where you can ride share. You can end up picking up 3 other people along your way to your final destination. Which splits the cost of fair, whether you end up picking up others or not.

Haven’t been to Los Angeles area before? As you will see when you get there the majority of everything is valet parking only.  It takes time to park, worry about if your car is safe since it is a rental. However, with taking Uber you do not have to worry about any of those things. In addition, the average cost of a car rental, and deposit is anywhere from $800-$1200, so you are instantly saving money.

As an idea, if you stay in Venice Beach, as I usually do. Hotel Erwin is by absolute favorite and I return to this hotel once a year. However if you would like to travel from Venice Beach to Malibu, to hike down to El Matador, you can get a free car. Yes, I said free car. Santa Monica has something called Waive Car, where your first sign up for the app. I did try this app the exact day I needed a car, and ended up highly disappointed. So you need to sign up prior to your vacation so all of your authorization can run and you are set for you upcoming visit. Basically how this works is you arrive at a location there is a open wave car, as they app will direct you. You have 15 minutes to get to the car, so I found it was best to book when i was already in route. When you arrive, using your phone app, unlock your car. It can detect when you are 10 feet away. Get the key out of the sensor in the glove box to activate the car. When your free driving time is up, drop off the car. If you do not mind driving around with advertisement on the outside of the vehicle then this the most affordable way to travel.

Author: Athena P


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