What pushes your buttons based on your Zodiac Sign?

You now have a sense of how moody you are when it comes to the matters of the moon, but there’s something to be said about what really ticks you off.  Read on to see if you and your loved ones grapple with the same annoyances.


As the humanitarian of the zodiac, you are deeply disturbed when you witness injustice around you. You value your independence wholeheartedly, so it’s only right that others should have that  same privilege. You can likely be found fighting for a philanthropic cause or getting involved in social work.


You often find yourself being pulled in two different directions, which is the very thing that grinds your gears. You are generous and understanding in your relationships, and you would only hope that you can receive the same in return. Thus, it’s hard for you to maintain your composure when dealing with selfish people. You may find that others seem to take advantage of your kindhearted nature.

You’re often seen as the alpha in your relationships or at work. You’re likely the one to call the shots when it comes to making important decisions. With that said, it can be frustrating for you to let others take the wheel. You aren’t the biggest fan of compromise; people may sometimes find this “pushy,” but you like to ensure that things are done your way.

You take your time (no matter how long) to come up with solid decisions. You hate feeling pushed or pressured, which is why you like to surround yourself with people who have patient and calm dispositions.

You’re a sponge for knowledge, and your gift of gab makes it easy for you to sop up all the information you can from everyone you meet. Consequently, you strongly dislike it when people keep themselves small or are afraid to break away from the status quo.

Change tends to threaten you. You love planting your roots into solid foundations and feeling a sense of security wherever you go. You typically shy away from the new and unpredictable.

You tend to become easily angered by criticism. You’re passionate about the things you believe in, so it feels wildly uncomfortable when people question or challenge your thoughts/behaviors. You also have the ability to get things done quickly, which can, at times, be telling of your impatient nature.

You have a lot of turmoil that builds up inside of you; and the only person you blame for it is yourself. However your perfectionist nature makes it easy for you to point out the faults in others as well. Letting go of “ideals” will allow you to lead a healthier relationship with yourself and with the people you care about.

Like the Aquarius, you are a fighter for equality. It sets you off when you find someone being treated unfairly (especially when it comes to your loved ones). As Libras are known for their indecisive nature, you also get worked up when you’re forced to make hasty decisions on the spot.

You tend be become vengeful when someone hurts or humiliates you in any way. You’re not keen on second chances. And when you forgive (which isn’t often), you rarely forget.

As a free spirit, you get angry when you are in situations that restrict you from living the way you please. On that note, you also have a hard time dealing with clingy people.

You’re quick to show your tantrums when you feel like you’re being teased or lied to. You will also get angered and defensive when people embarrass you or point out your flaws – especially when in front of a higher authority.

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