Breaking up is hard to do. Especially- when it’s with a friend.



Have you ever had a friend who was a me, me,me friend? He or she only talks about themselves. They never ask how you are doing? When you try to talk about your day, they cut you off. You spend hours listening to their boyfriend, husband issues but, when you want to talk about something they suddenly have to get off the phone.

It can be hard to face the fact that your friend is no longer a true friend. Especially, when you have been friends for over ten years. Your children and other family members may have ties to this person. They might even stay friends with your friend on Facebook, you can’t expect that just because your friendship ended that your other friends and family will end their friendships will all end.

When you realize this friend is an energy sucking parasite it is time to say Goodbye! To this day there are still times I morn the loss of my old friend. I remember the good memories and the fun times but, just like romantic relationships, sometimes friendships have to end.

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