Torch Lake, Michigan. Paradise Vacation like the Caribbean.

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After googling “blue lakes in the United States” to take my family too, one that came up was Torch Lake, Michigan. So I decided to take my family camping there. After doing some research the best place to be is in the southern end of Torch Lake, this is where the popular sand bar is.


We stayed at Torch Grove Campground. This trip was not sponsored, and all opinions are my own. This was the closest campground to the popular sand bar on Torch Lake. The camp ground was probably one of the cleanest campgrounds I have ever been to. Fire wood was affordable, compared to other places I have been to. Also everyone was really nice at the campground and helpful. We brought our 5 kids and 2 dogs with. I highly recommend this place for a good fun family time. I would recommend bringing your own paddle board so you when you access the lake you are able to put your belongings or back pack on it while swimming or walking out to the middle of the lake or sandbar.  Our family will definitely be making Torch Lake a yearly summer trip.



The first day we got there we called to rent paddle boards, my main goal was to swim to the sand bar with my two puppies and three year old pulling the board out the the sand bar. I was told to look for the orange flag to rent one for $20 per hour. I looked everywhere and could not find where to rent one from. I had to call back to tell them I could not find them. The problem was I was looking for a dock on shore with the orange flag. Here the orange flag to rent boats and paddle boards was in the middle of the lake directly on the sand bar. So as you can see we all started swimming and walking to the sandbar. My oldest son carried one of our dogs, I carried the other, my husband carried our 3 year old.


As you can see the water is beyond beautiful, crystal clear as far as the eye can see and blue. I have never in my life seen a lake that is so beautiful.

After we got out the the sand bar, it was fun, every boat had music, others brought chairs to all set up on the sandbar, others brought volleyball nets and and games going. There was fly boarding for $60 per hour out there.

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The time we spent out in Torch Lake Michigan, was better then I had ever imagined.


I couldn’t have chosen a better family vacation and camp ground then this.


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Feature image by: Drew_shaffer

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