Revit Users Intro: Save to Central / Reload Latest / Closing

Save to Central

You need to click this about every half hour to save your work back to the central model, if working and there are mulitple users.

If this box shows up with the yellow lightning bolt, this is wrong, your not saving to central


The box needs to be green


Reload Latest

If others are working in a central model and made changes and you have a out of date copy, type in RL do not click enter

And then your project will reload latest so you can see the changes.


Click on the drafting veiw for closing view in the project browser.


Double click this to open it, the one that says drafting view.

After its open click the red x. (this will close all windows you had open.


Click save to central.


Then click on Collaborate, and click relinquish all mine, just incase, sometimes revit is weird and sometimes you might have ownership of something, causing others to not be able to work.


After click the X on the top right of the window to close.


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