Interview with Daka Gbarbea, Male Model for Streetwear Fashion Week

Tell me about your modeling work if you have any past work. Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model?

My modeling work is pretty simple, haven’t really done anything major or big really. Just local things to build my knowledge on this industry and experience. I really started modeling because it was soo competitive, like I played sports my whole life and coming into this world of glam and  heart break, man it was something, because everyone wants to be at the top or number one by any means necessary. So knowing me I love challenging myself in anything I put my mind to. That’s why when people ask me what’s my goals I just say to be better because that’s the best thing you can do for yourself is to be better than what you really are. To know that you was that person that day now your something more and getting better each time when you experience anything in your life.

What are your goals as a model? What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

Some might say I want to be at the top, I won’t to be famous, or just big and don’t get me wrong those are great things but how long will that last honestly. I want to be better than what I see in the mirror each day because if your better than what you came in with you will be at the top and if your better than the top you will be famous and when your better than famous you will be big and when you better than big well the sky is the limit so don’t limit yourself. I meet folks all the time that say oh I won’t do this, I don’t do runway, I’m not good in front of the camera, like “yo” what are you doing to yourself. Why shut down things you can grab and take advantage of, I want every knowledge and experience I can get, good or bad like I want to work work work work( “Rihanna voice”). My love for this goes deep because I finally grabbed that spirit to love myself again. Coming from a broken man and fighting to become better each day is my over all accomplishment. I want to be able to give my family what they never had. Success to me is looking into your parents eyes and seeing that happiness and satisfaction with their child being ok. Every parent doesn’t want their child to struggle or go through anything they went through, to be good so when they see their child ok man I’m telling you they look at you in a way and just say “yess”.

Who is your role model in this industry?

Role models that I look up to in this industry is everyone. Honestly because it is tough in this industry man is its tough, you really have to go through a lot and fight with yourself to keep going because it’s literally a battle that will beat you down over and over again. I really do not know how many times I’ve be scammed, lied too, cheated, etc.. before I caught on to little key things. I’m even still learning to this day but man anyone that makes it in this industry or making it and even trying to make it your my role model.

Tell us about your life outside of modeling, who you are as a person.

Oh man now me huh well than what Can I say about Daka well first add me on Instagram @ Dakadolittle and Snapchat @ smi13s lol but seriously I’m just god child on a journey he set for me. I love life and experiences that comes along with it and just want to keep living until my time is up. I love who I am and always want to be me no matter what anyone say, I Am Who I Am. Hate me or like me well I rather you like me so we can eat tai food together, oh yea I love tai food so who ever reads this if you want to take me out for lunch tai restaurant are my favorite specially sushi. You can ask my sister Dunia that’s my sushi sidekick I swear she be finding all kinds of spot I never been to in Minneapolis. Sorry got a little bit of track back to me, yes umm where  was I. Oh yea I’m just a ball of everything positive to be honest I literally can make something out of nothing because “ The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka

Skibiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom

Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun

Poom, poom, you dun know. (Mens not hot song)

Daka Gbarbea.


Embark on Fun is very inspired by Daka, he is defiantly a rising star and a inspiration to others. Follow us for more news on Daka Gbarbea.  Streetwear Fashion week is going to be an event to remember!

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