Tell me about your modeling work if you have any past work. Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model?

Hi my name is Spencer Bowen I’m a model with Privileged Models located in the Minneapolis area. I’ve been modeling for about 8 years now. I started off by doing shoots in Iowa where I’m from. Then got noticed by an agency called Privileged Models. I’ve been with them from the start and they have been great to me and wouldn’t of been able to do what I’ve done if not for them. I’ve done a lot of traveling between Chicago, LA, and Minneapolis doing runway shows, photo shoots, and acting roles. I’ve been featured in two local magazines in Minneapolis called Lavender and My Scene City. I’ve also been featured in a well know teen magazine called Pop Star for a clothing line called 1 of 1. I became the face of a local t-shirt line called Sedexual. I’ve done runway shows for JD style Group, Mimi Pie Designs, Privileged Models, JM couture, Hair Wars Chicago, Mario Ink Chicago, and so much more. I’ve worked with many different photographers such as, Scott Palmer, John Recana, Knapp Photography, Christian Michel Photography, Craig Damon, Regina Wamba, Steven Bickford, HowRoar Imagery, Steve Madden, Mike Hnida, 2xstudios, Joem Bayawa Photography, and so much more.

Why do you want to work as a model?

I chose this career because I enjoyed being in front of the camera. I also enjoy meeting the people I meet through modeling. You don’t realize how many people you get connected with through just going to a photo shoot or to a runway show. I’ve gained a lot of friends just meeting them these shows or shoots. I also enjoy the art of modeling, acting, and runway. You can basically become who ever you want and display it in a facial expression, a walk, or through a style of clothing. My goals in modeling are to just to keep being me. To keep meeting new people, to keep traveling around the world, to become more well know in the modeling scene, and to create new connections and new friends.

What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

The greatest accomplishments I’ve done are to be featured in 3 different magazines and to be the face of a t-shirt line called Sedexual. Was fun becoming a celebrity for the t-shirt line and taking pictures with guests at events. I work as a model to meet people and make connections. Me being a Graphic Designer in my everyday job helps local photographers set up logos, websites, and branding for their companies. That’s why I love making the connections with so many people because you never know what someone will do someday and I’m always happy to say I know them by working with them. I define success by setting goals and accomplishing them. Success can go as far as you want to take it. I always set my goals high and feel a great deal of happiness when I beat my goals. I feel like I’ve done a great deal of things and met a great deal of people who are successful or have done successful things in their lives. So I feel very successful and blessed for the things I’ve accomplished and will continue to set bigger goals in hope to beat them.

Who is your role model in this industry?

One of my biggest role models would have to Janice Dickson the world’s first supermodel. I’ve met and hung out with her several times. She’s a great all around person, super kind and a great teacher in her craft. I met Janice through Privileged Models and through Craig Damon who is also way up there for great role models. He has done a lot for me and I wouldn’t be in the place I am today if it wasn’t for him.

Tell us about your life outside of modeling, who you are as a person

Outside of modeling I’m a normal human being I would have to say. I don’t really go out much anymore so a real homebody. I’m an artist who loves to draw, paint, and sketch. I love to body paint and have done a great deal of faces for Halloween and events such as Zombie Pup Crawl and Local alcohol release parties in Chicago and plan to do more her in Minneapolis with a friend of mine named Lindsey Nicole Artistry. Like I said before I’m a Graphic Designer who graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design a great school for the arts if you’re looking for one. Otherwise I’m also an athlete. I play semi pro football during the summer months and flag during the fall-winter months. I play slow pitch softball during the later summer-fall months. I love to be out on the water so I wakeboard and tube during the summer. I love to travel in the past year I’ve traveled a lot and have a lot more trips coming up this next year. I love EDM music and going to festivals. I’ve been to Ultra in Miami and plan to go to EDC this next year. If you would like to get to know more about me come up and say “Hi”, I’m a pretty out going guy who loves meeting people so don’t be shy I don’t bite too hard ;).

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