Model Alexis Dixon Interview. Featured model in Streetwear Fashion Week

Alexis Dixon, “It is a great privilege to be apart of this team and the opportunities your blessing me with.”

Tell me about your modeling work if you have any past work.

I’ve assisted in being a model for my friend who is pursuing a career as a stylist and i have friends who shot music videos and i was one of the pretty girls on the side.

Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model?

Isn’t it every girls dream to be a model?? Just kidding, becoming a model is so much than all the glam, the people in the industry are so motivating, the lifestyle and it can open do many more doors if your ambitious enough.

What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

My greatest accomplishments so far are graduating high school, and getting into trade school to pursue a career in carpentry. Currently I am working with a great company building houses. 

How do you define success?

It’s a self motivation, nobody can define success but you. 
You set your goals
You empower yourself to grind everyday so you can choose how you want to live everyday. Success is literally what you make out of it.

Who is your role model in this industry?

God. His success and mindset is inspirational to let me know i can take on anything i set my mind too. 

Tell us about your life outside of modeling, who you are as a person

I’m a positive, motivated ambitious woman who is also very curious to see what the world has to offer as well to see what i can provide. As a model i want to show that we are not just pretty faces who can work a camera, when you are blessed with an opportunity like this you give blessings back. I want to start organizations to help the youth and show how much a of a difference one can make with the correct support.
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