Minnesota Child Support Slavery Contract??!!!! Are you a Child Support Slave? It is hard to live a healthy life as a Slave. Here is an unofficial calculator for the newly proposed changes to the parenting expense adjustments described in HF 2889 and SF 3142.


The concern now is that these bills may have an effective date of August 2018! The Director of Child Support Services (Jeffrey.J.Jorgenson@state.mn.us) claims that the technology changes needed will require about 5000 hours of IT labor. I built this website in couple days. Placing a burden on the children with unfair income divisions between households until technology changes for the benefit of state employees seems counter intuitive to the mission of the Legislature and the Department of Child Support. Have we really reached the point where technology is now a requirement for child support collections? It would be ironic if the Department of Child Support cannot promptly implement a bill that the Legislature believes is best for children because department employees cannot manually do the work without the assistance of technology.

I would encourage everyone to stand up and do something about this or it will never change.

40% parenting time is $386 for example in this case, and 0% is $439….CRAZY! So a man is supposed to not be able to live??? So to get less then equal time for the woman to keep control, you pay $386 a month..then the man still has to afford to pay for the child out of his own pocket on his own for pretty much half the time, meals, food, hygiene products. Why should a man have to pay double to see his child and the mom doesn’t its a paycheck?? This is CRAZY! Its honestly comes down to a man needing to survive, and at these prices he cannot on his own, where it is cheaper for him to walk away. This system is crazy, the system puts a price tag on the child’s head as slavery, what is your child worth to you, and how much will you pay to never be equal vs walking away. Its mostly men in office, so why is something not being done about this!




A recent study was done in North Dakota..you will basically never get your child…

Almost half of the US is a Child Support Slave, Why are more people not standing up to change this. My husbands kids mother, says in court ” I work hard to qualify for Welfare” Which means she is capable of doing more and actually works hard to make less. There was a school that would have worked for both parents, but out of spite due to him not wanting to be with her, she chose the school that is far away and doesn’t work for him.  This is abuse the mom has done to the child, if you ask the child, ” Do you want your dad” the child will say “YES” However, this woman took this child’s father away!



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