Amazon Echo Dot Alexa

I recently just bought one of these, it is honestly the best thing I have ever bought. I can set reminders for my kids. For example it helps me with my son who is Autistic, I can program it to remind him to wake up, brush his teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, put his shoes on, watch for his bus. It is like this awesome virtual mom, since most women have to work now days while their kids are at home waiting for the bus.

When I am cleaning i can tell Alexa to play a song, I can say any song I want and she just plays it. I can have a shopping list, and Alexa will add whatever the kids see we are out of and keep track of my shopping list. I also use it to remind my kids to shut the door when leaving. 

Alexa Amazon Echo Dot

61qaMh0rSIL._SL1000_.jpgTo watch my video on this watch it here:

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