The LINQ Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

All opinions are my own, this is not a sponsored visit.

Checking in was a breeze thanks to the self check-in kiosks and definitely a time saver. I was actually very afraid to stay at this hotel from all the reviews I read. However, I was really surprised, it was beyond clean, it was in a wonderful location. I couldn’t have asked to be in a better location. And yes I did ride the High roller next to it, for a review on the high roller click here.

Upon arriving my car at The Linq, it was actually pretty difficult for me to find the front entrance by vehicle. With luck I decided to turn into a road I thought was leading to a parking ramp so I can get out and walk to find it. However, it was actually a underground road half way to get to the link. I did not see signs for the hotel, that’s why I say I found it by luck.

When I got up to my hotel room, I was very pleased at how clean it was. Since I was traveling, my first stop in my room was the bathroom. I was very pleased to be able to use the bathroom and read fun facts. I know..I’m easily intrigued, but I’m a mom of five children so any quite time reading is pretty nice!


After I went to take a shower, the next thing I noticed is endless shampoo…not just the tiny bottles. I was overly excited at how great this was!


As I continue to walk out into the room, I set my stuff down and notice a piece of paper had writing on it. I thought to myself…oops someone forgot to clean the last persons mess up. So in being nosy I had to go read it hoping it was something juicy. To my surprise it was a letter from the housekeeper. I honestly have never in my life had a letter from the housekeeper, so I thought it was weird and cool at the same time. I did not redline their letter for spelling errors to be kind.


Overall, I would definitely stay at The Linq again, and I would recommend this hotel to others. I stayed in District 2 of this hotel as it is divided up into districts.

Honestly the rooms were much larger then the pictures I seen online, which was another reason I was hesitant on staying here. I think the pictures online made the rooms look much smaller.


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