Red Nation Music Group: Jus Rite, Illy B, and GizzyBoyy

Red Nation Music Group is a Hip Hop and R&B group based out of Minneapolis Minnesota. Their are three members of the group: Jus Rite, Illy B, and GizzyBoyy. As listed below in no particular order:

📸 By:Hammed Akindele who owns Flytouch Studio

Jus Rite

Below is an interview Embark on fun did with the members of Red Nation Music Group

Who would you say is your inspiration for your love of music, and why?

Our love of music comes from where we come from. We did not have generational wealth growing up and we were not given a gold spoon. Our music is to help the world and become better with the world at teaching people to love them self and saying to your self “I love myself so much I should kiss myself.”

📸 By: Mike Danks


Are any of you into any sports? If so, which sports, and who do you support?

GizzyBoyy: I am also the champion boxer from this state and many more. I am a professional boxer who is 1-0 at the moment. (GizzyBoyy is the picture below with the red, green and white boxing shorts on.)

ILLY B: I played football and was a starter in High School.

Jus Rite: I played basketball in Middle School, and GizzyBoyy and I boxed together. Our group supports anything that helps you be successful in the World.


What do you think you would be doing if you didn’t have a music career?

We also have businesses that we run as well as music. We do not have just one outlet but many.

Do you like all of your songs?

At the time we like our songs we make, sometime we may make a song and keep remaking it to get perfection.

What has been your most enjoyable song to write? What inspired the song title?

We enjoy every song we write because it takes us through different emotions at different times with each other.

📸 By: Andrew James

How do you feel about the way people interpret your songs?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what they think about the songs they like. We just keep going & keep making music no matter what. If we touch someone in the right way and they either change their life, make more money or motivated than we have done our job.

Were any of your songs written to symbolize your childhood?

Yes we wrote a lot of songs to symbolize our child hood because its not just our childhood, its everyone’s childhood that grew up how we did & want a way out.


If you were to give someone advice on how to start song writing what would you say?

Follow your heart, start writing, your not going to be the best at first, you will just become better. Never listen to no one about the song, just keep going and keep working smart. People only inflict their biggest fears on you because they can not do it.

What are five things you can’t live without?

Family, Money, Love, Honesty, Loyalty.

What is the motto you live by?

You only live once, so while your here on earth make sure that you create good memories, great friendships and be a good person. Basically, do on to others as you would like done to you. When people attend your funeral it should packed with those who genially loved you with all of their heart. People will remember you for what you did to help them not what you did to hurt them. If they remember the good things about you  they will spread the word on how good you were to them.

What is your favorite song to belt out in the car?

We have a few:

GizzyBoyy: Passport Kiss is my favorite song, Jus Rite: I like Bands Up, ILLY B: I like our song James Bond. We all have different songs we like the best but love them all.

Ten years from now where do you vision your life to be?

We will be billionaires, we will fix problems in the world, we will build infrastructure for the better of this country, help children live better and help drop the divorce rate in America to better homes. We will have multi platinum records and live life successfully. We will judge our self on how many millionaires we make.

If I were to turn on your car radio what artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?

Red Nation Music Group which is us and that is because we are working on our craft and will continue to do so.

If you could open for any artist on tour right now who would you choose?

We would open up for Jay Z the 4:44 tour.

If you could interview anyone living or dead, who would you interview?

Dr Martin Luther King, Fredrick Douglas, Malcom X, Abraham Lincooln, Benjamin O. Davis Sr, Zora Neale Hurtson,Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman and so many more.

One day we will be African American Leaders & Leaders to the world. Let us rephrase that we are already African American leaders the World is just finding it out.

By the way one last thought ~

We have a new single “Passport Kiss” that was just released worldwide on all digital Platforms.

“Passport Kiss” Available at iTunes: itunes Red Nation Music Group

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This is Red Nation Music Group First single from their up and coming EP. Please leave comments, download on all of stores below, stream and support. There are Links below to purchase on Itunes as well. Thank you all very much for the support. Be sure to hash tag #passportkiss

Video Coming Soon.

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