Orlando JR Walker/JR MPLS WE WERE ALL UNPAID! #SWFW Streetwear Fashion Week Minneapolis. Modeling Scam

Orlando JR Walker….He has left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. This was our first time meeting him and working with him. We found it troubling to conduct our first interview because we learned he scammed so many good people along the way.

Lets start with the most recent event. Streetwear Fashion week! Yes Embark on Fun was very excited to start this new venture and team up with Orlando JR Walker! However, the ending turned out to be a complete nightmare where everyone is left unpaid, as we all are ignored. Orlando JR Walker scammed Embark on Fun and the Models, as of today’s date. The models we talked to have been left unpaid with overdue debt. JR Orlando Walker promised to pay them $30 each, with a promise of 30% of ticket sales.

Below is a verbal and written contract JR Orlando Walker “leader of the krew” had with all of the models involved.


As you can see he did promise the highest seller 70% of all ticket sales as well. However there were never any totals posted, as a business man would do to run a contest of such. As of date the winner has not been announced! Was it all a scam?

JR Orlando walker also promised to pay Embark on Fun, 10% of all income that came in for Street wear Fashion Week, as well in addition to 10% of all profits from his new magazine “Socialites Magazine” While we decline to work any further with Orlando Jr Walker on any projects, this is what was verbally stated by Orlando walker. (which Embark on Fun got in writing later as well, in light of learning about his prior business dealing, so we could protect ourselves.)

As you can see JR Orlando Walkers event sold out, thanks to the models ticket sales.


Fashion designers each paid a fee of $200. The designers we reached out to were also very unhappy at the event. One designer we spoke with was contacted non stop and pressured into turning in the $200 owed. However once paid the designer could not get much communication in return, leaving this designer very upset.

“im very embarrassed I kinda got ticked off because he kept asking me for the money to sign up but after that when it came down to asking questions about the show or were to drop off the clothing he wouldn’t answer or his phone was disconnected”

Another designer said,

“Yeah i heard he does this to everybody before we joined and i didn’t believe it But i guess it’s true”

“Next time I’m hosting my own Fashion Show More professional and classy”

“Honestly, people like him need to be held accountable for their actions. We held him up to a standard of respect just to ignore all the negativity surrounding him, but it ended up being true.”

Here is conversation with Embark on Fun and Orlando JR Walker below trying to get something down other than the verbal agreement that was in place:


Blow is acknowledgement that Orlando JR Walker has been very happy with working with Embark on Fun. 


Embark on Fun spent countless hours reporting and advertising for Orlando JR Walker to help make his event more successful. From our reporting, modeling agencies where sharing our articles, as well as leaders in the fashion industry. As we started going through Streetwear Fashion Week, Orlando JR Walker had everyone on their own dime meet downtown for his meetings he would call. He left models standing outside of where he called a meeting, where doors were locked. Models stood hours waiting. There was no communication from Orlando Jr Walker, as there were multiple periods of time where he would disappear for days. This burden left Embark on Fun going out of scope, managing Orlando Jr Walkers events, as it appeared to us it was all about to fall apart. Orlando Jr Walker handled the event very unprofessional, while models dropped out, the model below asked to stay confidential:

Capture1-1Capture2 (1)Capture3 (1)

All models are trying to figure out as they stand outside what is gong on, As seen on Facebook:


Below in regards to him trying to “pass information” It was a scheme to get tickets in models hands so only Orlando JR Walker would exploit the models. It was highly unprofessional to wait one whole day before letting the models know not to show up and pay for parking a whole day later. 


While models asked to still be compensated for their wasted time, still to this day they have not been reimbursed, as seen on facebook:


Two days later all the models were offered just an excuse of an apology, with no mention of any money to be reimbursed with dates on when that will happen, as seen on Facebook:


People were asking about age groups allowed at the event, there was no communication back. If no one knows then Orlando Jr Walker can just pocket more money, knowing they cannot get into the event, as seen on Facebook:


In fact there were multiple minor age tickets that were bought that were unable to be used, because the event failed to say that it was a 21+ event on Facebook, which was just another way for Orlando JR Walker to scam everyone. NO REFUNDS TO THIS DAY HAVE BEEN MADE, we have been reaching out daily to the ones who had the minor age ticket costs. 


Another model purchased tickets, and the minors where also not allowed to get in, while JR promised refunds, no one received a refund nor 30% of their promised ticket sales. In fact he made another promise to pay out by this weekend which has not happened. 



The make up team was about to pull out, Embark on Fun with the Sponsor had to step in and cover for him to save this event that only Orlando JR Walker pocketed financially from. 


The whole make up and hair team agreed to work for Orlando JR Walker we learned in exchange for portfolio images, which none of the team has received as of yet. 

“We agreed to work for the show based on receiving professional images that would be suitable to add to our working portfolios. No images have been delivered”


On completely sold out events, JR LIED to us saying there was really no money, that he only collected $285 for all of the events!


As you can see below in his lies, they are very contradicting statements. We were at the event, and yes it was sold out, thanks to all the models selling tickets!


In fact the money that we were able to track made by the models and designers was $2,102 for this event. 


He claims his business he does business under is Sixty Six LLC, as well as Royal Crew Productions. 

However, there is no legal business I can find under either names, and. I would assume a business that pays taxes on all income would want to pay the people owed since it is a tax write off. I couldn’t imagine wanting to pay more money into taxes would be a good choice, without write off’s. 



We did find a business under “The Sixty Six LLC,”that was recently filled August of 2017. The registered address does match the exact address that is listed under the business “Royal Krew Productions.” However, all the events which is a long list of past events including the recent events are operating under “Royal Krew Productions on Eventbright.


Models were also paying cash for pictures done under another company he is operating as of November 6th, 2017 when the Facebook page was made, called JA Portfolios. We were told the model made a cash payment directly to Orlando JR Walker after the Shoot.

As you can see Orlando JR Walker does admit he owes everyone, however he never followed through to actually meet. 


This was followed up days later by an excuse on why he cannot pay. 


Where did $2,102 go in just the matter of a few days?

After Orlando JR Walker posting his legal troubles all over his Facebook publicly, we were able to look up the public records:


Meanwhile, there are models expecting to be paid that also have bills, Including Embark on Fun!

Orlando JR Walker treats a female model completely like a prostitute, and tells her to “Go do what you need to do for that $30” Not only did he exploit the models and everyone involved! He treated them all like they were nothing, used up and tossed, and told to go do what you need to for that 30! My stomach dropped at complete discuss after reading that! What kind of business man, who puts on events and exploits women would say such a disgusting thing! I really wanted to cry for this model after reading that! To shame a model who was used and taken advantage of is a terrible thing to do, especially to a mother who is trying to provide to her children!


“He’s very disrespectful and a liar'” one model said as her opinion.

In addition to Embark on Fun’s scope of work, Orlando JR Walker attempted to delegate all his work to us. He without our permission made us an administer to his pages, and tried to force us to manage all of his work for free:



After models sat there for days waiting to be approved and messaging us, we felt really bad for the models and took time “unpaid” and out of our scope to step up and help the models. It was very unfair and unfortunate all around. Ironic how everyone is scammed and unpaid as of today’s date, however Orlando JR Walker is pocketing at a “Ground breaking event”


After Orlando JR Walker posting his legal troubles all over his Facebook publically, we were able to look up the public records:


While we are all left unpaid, Orlando JR Walkers photographer attempts to threaten and shame as a scare tacit for moving forward with trying to collect money. Its very contradicting below to call all the models peasant’s however say it was a good experience meeting amazing people.. 




As Streetwear Fashion Week is complete, and everyone is so far unpaid, Orlando JR Walker moves on to his next event! 

It called Sweaters and Sneakers, click here to check it out! I read it is also collecting Charity called Salvation Army! 



At the end of the day Orlando JR Walker will always be able to find new naive people, as his pages look great with a lot of promise. 

In closing, Orlando JR Walker is upset we are not being Empathetic:


However, he has now hurt many families out there leaving them unpaid. A member from Embark has an Epileptic Child, While she works extra for her child’s Epilepsy medications, since Insurance does not cover all of the monthly medications, she was left unpaid. And he has the nerve to say we are not Empathetic, he should tell that to this child who is dependent on surviving on medications.


Below is just sad….it has already fallen on our shoulders the second we were scammed and not paid, and has affected our families and children’s lives.  A real man is accountable, and taking responsibility for your actions and making it right. 


Definition of Slander, which none of this story falls under:



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For the record Orlando Walker keeps changing his name to trick people. His name is Orlando Walker, he then burnt up that name and changed it to J.R. Walker, then since all of the recent scams he has changed it to J.R. Mpls.

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  1. Let’s do something about this i am one of the original Ally Girl’s (I was the director of communications) I and my crew (4 other girls involved as well) never got compensation for all the shows,photoshotoshoots, and promo gigs we did. We have tried to expose this man for about 3yrs now and confused how people continue to work with him after what’s he has done to us. I seriously think something needs to get done we are dealing with a real life don man who has ruined people’s life and reputation by having an association with Orlando “JR.Walker. Let’s start a petition. We should all be getting paid for the work we have done for this Man . He was also getting sued back in September for 3k that he promised to pay out and never did.Thank you for sharing this let’s get him so he doesn’t do this again. So far he has scammed over hundreds of people this needs to end! People need to be paid! THANK YOU!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Another former Ally Girl here, this upsets me to see he is still conducting business this way. I thought for sure he had burned through all his connections already.

    • The issue is he is finding new victims. No one seems willing to stand up to him, and give him a 1 star on his business page so others can be warned. So when new people come in they see he has 5 stars.

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