Throughout history, both men and women (but let’s be real, mostly women) have done things in the name of beauty that were dangerous and unhealthy. Why are we, as humans, so obsessed with how we look? Well, most people take in the world through their eyes – and what we see determines so much of how we react to a person or a situation. And with what we know now about how a person’s perceived attractiveness affects how they’re treated, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to try to make themselves more “beautiful,” whatever that means for the time and place they live in. In some cultures, maybe that means you look thinner. In others, a fatter person is more beautiful. In some cultures, pale skin is prized, while in others, a darker complexion is what is “desirable.” There’s no one way to look that will make you beautiful to everyone in the world, so ultimately, you should probably just do what makes you look beautiful to your own self. But maybe don’t do any of the things on this list, because they’re kind of gross and weird. Take a trip through some of history’s strangest fashion and beauty trends – some of which are still happening today.

Waist trainers:

Dr. Taz says waist trainers makes heart burn and indigestion worse, and women pass out after wearing them because they can‘t get enough air.  Your diaphragm, colon, liver stomach, and small intestines can all be shifted around inside your body after wearing one for too long.

 Is there any scientific reasoning or back up for waist trainers?

Besides that women have been using corsets to shape and slim their waistlines for hundreds of years? Well, none.

Putting on a corset isn’t going to make you lose fat in your waist just as putting on super tight pants isn’t going to make you lose fat in your behind.

Yes, you might lose some weight but the reasons aren’t anything magical:

  1. The waist trainer might cause you to sweat more, meaning you’d lose water weight.
  2. The waist trainer may make you feel less inclined to eat because it is so tight. So you might lose some pounds from eating less.
  3. They may help improve your posture which can help you look thinner.

You can achieve these three benefits from much safer and cheaper methods, but if you think a $50 corset is worth a few pounds and possible damage to your body, go for it.

Are there any benefits to waist training?

There’s not many benefits to the waist trainer, at least none that outweigh the cons.

You might see better posture, look slightly slimmer, and be more conscious about what and how much you eat, but these benefits are temporary and small compared to the possible damage that could occur.

What are the dangers of waist training?

Not surprisingly, there are many cons when it comes to waist training. Turns out waist training can actually do some serious damage to your body.

Here’s what we found:

1. Waist trainers can harm your organs.

dangers of waist trainers-harm your organs

Studies going back to 20th century found that wearing corsets long term actually misplaced your organs and could cause permanent damage. Yikes.

Fast forward a century and doctors are still warning about wearing waist trainers, warning that they are not the best idea.

They can put added and unwanted pressure on the midsection, limiting blood and oxygen flow to vital organs which can be dangerous.

The added pressure and tightness makes breathing harder and puts you at risk for passing out. Exercising with a waist trainer? Probably not a great idea.


2. Waist trainers can cause atrophy of abdominal muscles.

The reason the waist training companies stress you workout while you wear the corset is so you actually keep the muscles you have. The problem is waist cinchers make it hard to breathe while doing nothing, let alone working out.

What if you wear the waist trainer long term and don’t workout? You’ll probably lose any ab definition you had and come out a soft pudgy mess in the process.

 Wearing a waist trainer can cause your core muscles to become inactive. When muscles become inactive they atrophy.

The saying, “use it or lose it” becomes very true here. You could probably slow this process by working out but who wants to do hundreds of crunches in a corset?

The same goes for your postural muscles in your back. Waist trainers claim they improve your posture, but that’s only true while you are wearing it. Once you take it off your now weakened postural muscles are going to have a harder time doing their job.

3. Waist trainers can cause dehydration.

Waist trainers heat up the core and can cause excessive sweating.

Sure this means you’ll lose water weight, but it also puts you at risk for dehydration.


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