Product Review ROSEGAL vs. What Was Actually Received

While scrolling on Facebook Embark on Fun came across a post in a Facebook group called: SCAM ALERT- Zaful, RoseGal, DressLily and other common FB Scams. 

While I could not stop laughing….its really not that funny. Picture this, you are a beautiful woman:


You go to purchase a wig with your hard earned money, the wig is beautiful in the picture!



This wig in the picture looks like it would look really beautiful on this woman! Expecting to look great, and really excited you received it in the mail. You run to the mirror in excitement, you try it on, and you look like this.






ROSEGAL, even though this is funny…you know you are wrong for this! The color is not even the same! There is no way that the wig in the picture is the same wig on this woman. What is one supposed to do with the Carrot Top wig once they receive it? You should be very ashamed to send this wig out to customers, as a company you want the value of your products to be on point.

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