30 Days Of Make-up and Beauty Tips ~ Tip #2

People always ask me how I get my teeth so white. My secret is so inexpensive you won’t believe it. I gargle with 1/2 Hydrogen Peroxide 1/2 Water. Hydrogen Peroxide can be found at almost any Walgreens, Target, CVS or Walmart, it costs about $.87 cents. Also, to prevent bad breath gargle with mouth wash and use a tongue scraper to remove any food particles from your tongue, also don’t forget to floss.

If your teeth bleed when you floss that means you need to take better care of your teeth and floss more often. Remember to also have your teeth professionally cleaned at your dentist every six months. I might be weird but, I love the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth.

****Disclaimer – please check with your Dentist to see if Hydrogen Peroxide is safe for you.

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