Fitness Expert Norman Smith has some great ideas to help you achieve a flatter stomach

~Belly Fat challenge~ Here’s how to drop A waist size or two. New year No excuses! 👍🏾

  1. Stop doing crunches• This will make your stomach muscles stronger but wont burn the fat)

  2. Get stronger• (Strength Training helps build muscle & burns fat by increasing your metabolism)

  3. Nutrition• (Less carbs such as White bread, white rice, potatoes! Substitute (w) brown rice, Wheat bread, sweet potatoes)

  1. Cardio• (Cardio done properly will burn extra fat and strengthen your heart ❤️ Find out your target heart rate to be more effective when running)

  2. Hydration• (Drinking water before meals will fill you up minimizing appetite. It’ll also release your body of toxins. Prevents and cure diseases…fuels the brain and helps renew cells) Chugajug a day #JUGLIFE

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