Discrimination is a learned behavior ~ here is the proof

This is a post from a mother named Lacey who is very understandably upset by another parents actions.

Over Christmas break, two boys played together. One of the children is named Ashton, he has a disability and the other boy does not. After observing the children playing together, the other set of parents decided that if their child continued to play with the Ashton, it would stunt their child’s learning and hold him back some way.  My heart breaks for both children, they obviously like playing together and one of the set of parents is trying to split them up.

Is there truth to the statement that if the children continue playing together the child without a disability will somehow regress mentally? That is highly doubtful, in fact playing with a child that is developmentally delayed can actually benefit both children. Ashton can teach the other child compassion and tolerance, Ashton can show him how to be a leader. As for Ashton (who has a disability) he may learn from the other child as well. But, this will not happen now that one set of parents has terminated the friendship. I, as a mother would not feel comfortable allowing my child to go to this other families home.

It is very unfortunate that the parents of the non disabled boy are acting this way and causing harm to both boys.  The boys had a true friendship and didn’t have any biases toward each other. In this day and age you would think that adults would take a moment to educate themselves before judging a child. They are acting as if Developmental Delays, ADHD and Autism can be passed on like a sickness or a common cold. Please take a moment to read this exchange and talk through this with your child and teach them that children all deserve a chance at friendship, teach your children to be more accepting of people who are different and to take a moment that understand that being different, or having a mental delay  isn’t something that someone can control. Sometimes, they are born with it, other times delays can come from the environment, such as being neglected. Please teach  your children love and acceptance.





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