DIY Build a fire pit this summer in your yard


You can buy a firepit kit from Lowe’s which has everything you need to build a similar firepit (but shorter and without the black metal bowl and cover). We originally were going to just use that kit but decided we wanted ours to be taller and wanted the metal fireplace bowl as an insert. So, we added additional stones (a total of 44 stones) from the Allen & Roth Bertram collection for our project.If you want a bowl like we have, you’ll want to select a metal firepit bowl with a lip, grate and cover, such as this model. Lowe’s employees will be extremely helpful in showing you just what we need for your project.


It’s a quick project once you are set to go, maybe as little as 15 minutes to build the firepit if you have the supplies and your surface is ready. I couldn’t believe how fast it went together.


  1. Start with a level, fireproof base for your firepit. We used our pea gravel patio but you could use your cement patio, brick, stones, or other non-flammable surface.

  2. Form a circle for your first row (make sure to double check the circle against size of your metal firepit bowl).

  3. Use a level to make sure each row is level before starting on the next row.

  4. Make four rows (or less, if you prefer), staggering each stone for stability — you will not need any mortar.

  5. Set your firepit bowl on top, overlapping the lip onto the stone.

  6. Step back and admire your DIY skill and then invite the family out for S’mores! That’s what we plan to do this weekend!




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