Revit, Did you know you can create a General Note Schedule?

  1. Select the tab view
  2.  On the Create Panel select the schdueles drop down arrow.
  3.  Select Schedule/Quantities selection.
  4.  The New Scheudle box will open. Scroll down and locate the Mass Category.
  5.  Select Mass with one Click.
  6.  Type in the name of you Schedule in the Name Section.
  7.  Select Schedule Keys.
  8.  Key name should be the same as what you entered into the name section.
  9. This should be the end result of your entry:


  1. Select OK
  2. When the Schedule Properties Box opens.
  3. Select Add Parameter
  4. Type in your text, and change the parameter type and group to text.


  1. In the appearance section of the Schedule Properties select the Edit Button


  1. The Schedule Properties box opens. These should be your settings.


  1. Click the Formatting Tab
  2. Select the Key Name Alignment to Center
  3. Set the Field you made (Mechanical General notes) Alignment to Left


  1.  Select OK
  2. You now can begin to add rows for your General Notes


  1. Select Insert from the Rows Panel of the Ribbon.
  2. Select Data Row from the options available.
  3. A Data Row will pop up under the Header. You can now populate the schedule.
  4. To create more rows follow the previous steps.
  5. If you need to create breaks or sub sentences. While in command line of the schedule select Shift-Enter on keyboard to create another line.



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