Remove Tartar from Teeth YOURSELF

  1. Baking Soda

You need some baking soda, a toothpick, a toothbrush, about half a tablespoon of salt, half of a cup of warm water half of a cup of hydrogen peroxide and last but not least some antiseptic mouthwash.

First of all start off by putting some of the baking and salt in a little bit of water and stir them well so that they fully get dissolved. Now once you have done that then start cleaning your teeth with a little bit of this solution and spit it out do not swallow.

Once you have done this then add some hydrogen peroxide to the water and once again rinse your mouth. Once you have done that and spit it out again then make sure to rinse it with normal water so that none of the residue remains in your teeth.

What this does is that it makes the tartar soft and loose. You can now just remove it with a simple toothpick. It should be soft enough to be easily removed from your teeth. Lastly it is very important that you use the antiseptic mouthwash just to make sure nothing has been left.

This will have loosened the tartar: now remove it with the toothpick. Thanks to the previous treatments, it should crumble easily away from the teeth. Finally, it is important to rinse your mouth once again with the antiseptic mouthwash.

  1. Fruit Method

Take half of a strawberry or about half of the rind of a lemon and gently press it against the tartar that is stuck on your teeth. Do this exercise for about 10 minutes or so. It would automatically be dissolved due to the acid that is found in the fruit. Once it has been dissolved then simply brushing your teeth should do the trick.

  1. Using Baking powder

Take some baking powder and mix it well. It has a lot of things in it including but not limited to sodium bicarbonate, mix it with some water then try cleaning your teeth with the solution. This would just get rid of the tartar but also make your teeth bright and shiny.

  1. Tea Tree Oil Method

Put two drops of the oil in some water and use it to clean your teeth.

This one is the simples just put in a drop or two of oil in water and then clean your teeth with it.

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