Giezwa Pierre: Tailor Suit Creative Director for S.K. Ensemble LLC

Giezwa Pierre is one of the youngest Tailor Suit Creative Director at just 25 years old.


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What does a Creative Director mean?

I set the Creative tone & vision for S.K. Ensemble LLC. To me personally I love being. The vision of the company is basically in my hands. Everything has had my final say so before we put it out for the world to see.

What kind of clothes does S.K. Ensembles LLC create?

We make custom Tailored luxury suits to fit you to perfection. If it does not fit we have customer satisfaction guaranteed. Everything is custom to your liking, the color, design and anything you want. Our fabrics are 100% the best fabrics.

Do you design?

Yes, I design the tailored suits as well. I’ll sit down with you with color, fabrics we provide & the vision you have I will bring a live. My job is to make you look the best you can.


Photo Credit: @kappel.jeff
Make Up by the great @tamaradtillery

What do you envision for this fashion business?

I envision more people in general, especially in the inner city to be able to afford luxury tailoring suits at an affordable price. If you really sit down & think about how many kids in the city never even heard about a luxury suit or ever had a tailor in their house. When I was a young kid I never did. We will take the company to an even bigger level. To a billion dollar height. This company will produce thousands of jobs the bigger we get. Once we hit that mark I want to take the company to building over 1 Million Jobs.

Where do you see the industry going? 

The industry is slowly becoming more cultural. Even at fashion events sometime people still look at you in a funny way when you’re the designer. Things get really interesting in fashion rooms during shows. Good thing I have the respect I do on all aspects of entertainment. I am slowly breaking the mold as well as my cultural inspirational icons that have fought in this industry as well. The industry will slowly turn to break the mold of height, weight and stereotypes.

Photo Credit: @kappel.jeff
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What type of markets are you trying to tap in?

Some time in Fashion & Business period it’s not always best to tell what markets we are tapping into. So for this question I will have to say that you will just have to watch the growth of S.K. Ensemble LLC.

Who picks the colors or design or material?

Our customer picks everything they need & examples of what they want. We do our best to get it perfect how the customer wants it exactly. We do not try to get it close to how they want it we try to get it right on the money.

How does it feel to be a 25-year-old Creative Director?

It feels really good. I am a young man but old at heart & very wise in spirit. I have accomplished so much at the age I am at currently. I have went to the Golden Glove Nationals 5 Times, and 3 Times going down in weight. I am the first in history to do that. I have won many championships. Graduated high school, and I graduated from The Art Institute as well for Fashion Design. I have many companies that I run as well. I am a family man. Nothing pleases me more than seeing a smile on my son’s face when he sees me doing something successful & he mimics that.


Photo Credit: @kappel.jeff
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How does it feel to be the youngest Creative Director of a Tailored Suit company?

I do not worry about the age at all. To be the youngest African-American Creative Director of such a Business is absolutely amazing. It is another accomplishment in history, yet a lone the youngest out of the world is absolutely amazing. I did not too much think about it until I was signing the contract to create a whole new world for S.K. Ensemble LLC.

What is you’re inspiration behind S.K Ensemble?

I am inspired by my past. I am inspired by where I came from. I am inspired by the kids in the inner city who never even heard of a tailored suit. I am inspired to change the mold on how we look as a whole in the world. My inspiration is inspired by the change in life I went through to get where I am. When I started wearing a suit, people looked at me different & I noticed the notice they had when they saw me in person. I love everything about confidence.


Photo Credit: @kappel.jeff
Make Up by the great @tamaradtillery

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