2018 Super Bowl Live On Nicollet Mall

Minnesota music talent has been on display for free for the last 10 days.  A fan festival called “Super Bowl LIVE” leading up to the big game day today,  Feb. 4th, 2018.


Walking around Nicollet Mall you will notice there is an abundance memorabilia of Prince and Purple Rain! Was very neat!


When you are walking down Nicollet Mall there is a large bridge made, which was very cool. The left side was for the sledders, and the right side was for those who were down hill skiing. 27781528_10160044849080338_866568937_n27661419_10160044848830338_1049028184_n

Inside the IDS Center along Nicollet Mall, ESPN was all set up, and there are large ice sculptures.


Walking inside the skyways, was different. Its like a whole city inside, a series of skyways all connected to each building. You can walk everywhere downtown by simply using the skyway building. There were people inside the skyways standing at every entrance to great you and help guide you in directions through the skyway.


While in the Skyway they also gave out maps. Here is a map I got. Everyone in Minnesota is so helpful and kind. Minnesota is a really nice place.


The Ice Sculptures were amazing! A Minnesota company was featured during Super Bowl LII for their ice work. Minnesota Ice Sculptures has molded the Roman numeral for Super Bowl LII out of ice. This sculpture took about four days to complete and  weighs about 150,000 pounds!

The CEO of Minnesota Ice Sculptures, Robbie Harrell, says this project has been the challenge he’s been waiting for and couldn’t be more excited.

“We’ve pushed through from our rough calculations about 4.6 million pounds of ice in and out of this freezer,” Harrell said. “This is really when we get to push our limits. It’s a lot of fun. We have a good time at the office in building all this cool stuff, especially when it comes to Super Bowl things.”


While it is very cold in Minnesota this weekend that did not stop all of the fun! Who all rode on the Zip Line? Tickets for the zip line were sold out prior to the events starting! While I love to zip line, this would be a cold rush at 40 mph! Its too bad this is not here year round!


As you can see in the next Live Video..Walking 14 stories is already a workout. But when you are in negative degree weather, I give everyone props!

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