Have You Ever Wanted To Own Your Own Island?

Today I have been island searching all day. Some say I day dream about living in peace and tranquility! I agree. I always like to look at the most expensive one first, not sure why..daydreaming of being rich I guess.

The most expensive island that I can find in the world is in Al Marjan Island, United Arab Emirates, Asia. As you can see the price tag is just a few more dollars then what is in my account…so I wont be able to purchase this until Friday unfortunately! LOL…of course everyone knows I’m kidding…But I can always dream right?


As I come back to reality after planning out my home on the island above, I started to look for the cheapest Island that is for sale. Thoughts are maybe I would get lucky.


These two Islands are pretty much the best and cheapest ones I could find…

There were cheaper, but I don’t understand what exactly you would do with this, especially since it cost still so much. Below this island for sale is located in Panama, Central America, and the price tag on this is $360,000 USD…I envision a New York high rise on this lavish piece of land.


Below are different Islands that are for sale in various locations.

United States Of America



McCaffrey Island
Oregon , United States USD 995,000.00



Shelter Island Estate
Montana , United States USD 22,750,000.00



East Sister Rock Island
Florida , United States USD 11,500,000.00


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