How to Make Crunchy Bubbly Slime | DIY Satisfying Bubbly Slime

Get a Mixing Bowl
2 white glue
Add White Glue
3 mix clear glue after the white glue
Add Clear Glue
4 add water
Add Water
5 mix
6 add foaming wash
Add Foaming Facial Wash
7 add hand soap
Find Handsoap
8 add hand soap in another bottle
Put Hand Soap in Bottle
9 add water
Pour Water in Bootle and Shake
91 shake and pour in
Pour Mixture into Bowl
92 add body lotion
Pour Body Lotion
93 add shave foam
Spray Shaving Foam into Bowl
94 add more foaming wash
Pour more Foaming Facial Wash into the Bowl
95 add slime acitivator
Pour Slime Activator into Mixuture
96 it will form
It will Form
Seperate Formed Mixture into 3 parts, put blue coloring in the first part (Mix)
Next take add Purple Coloring in the second part (Mix)
Finally add Pink Coloring in the last part (Mix)
Take all three parts and place into a container with a lid. Put the lid on and store overnight.

Here is a Video!


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