Bacon Wrapped Bratwurst Boats

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Prep time – 15 minutes
Cook time – about 30 minutes @ 350 degree’s.

  1. Purchase your favorite fresh bratwurst, cheese, and any other ingredients you like on your bratwurst. Use thin sliced bacon, don’t use thick cut bacon.

  2. Set up grill or smoker for indirect heat and set temp to around 350 degrees.

  3. Make a cut lengthwise down the brat but don’t cut through ends or bottom of brat. Leave enough casing at ends to hold it together. Push the meat to the sides to form a boat.

  1. Cut up your favorite cheese and put in the brat boat along with your other ingredients.

5 Lay a strip of bacon on a cutting board. Place Brat boat at about a 45 degree angle on top of the bacon at one end. Take the end of the bacon that the brat is sitting on and place the bacon end on the top of the brat boat. Then start rolling the brat boat to the other end. Overlap the bacon end to help hold it in place.

  1. Once grill or smoker is ready, place Brat boats on the side that isn’t over direct heat. Cook until the meat hits 165. Make sure you put the thermometer in the meat and not into the center where your cheese and other things are.

  1. Pull them off the grill or smoker and slice into half inch thick pieces.


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