Kevin Federline Wants More Child Support Money From Britney Spears

Former backup dancer Kevin Federline has reached out to his ex-wife Britney Spears and her legal team in an effort to re-examine the couple’s financial arrangement after learning of her monetary success in Vegas.

Spears currently writes a $20,000 check to Federline each month, according to The Blast, which comes out to $240,000 a year. The money is intended to benefit their shared sons, Sean, 12, and Jayden, 11.

According to a report from The Blast, Federline is seeking a significant amount of financial support after seeing his ex-wife’s residency in Las Vegas to prove quite the success.

The two were married from 2004-07, and the settlement at the time ruled Spears would cut Federline a $20,000 child support check for their two sons Jayden and Sean. That number was determined by a percentage of how much Spears was earning at the time, a number significantly lowered by the fact that she was dealing with mental problems and not working on another album until the 2007 album Blackout.

Since then though, she’s put out four more albums and earned a residency in Las Vegas, which according to The Blastrakes in $15 million annually.

Spears’ legal team received a letter from attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, and while the asking price has not been confirmed, The Blast did say he’s looking for a major increase in money. The news agency also pointed out that Federline has been supportive of Spears over the years, going so far as to travel to shows to allow her to see the children.
Federline’s public persona has been quiet over the past decade. He made an appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw back in 2006, getting involved in an angle with John Cena, was a participant of the seventh season of Celebrity Fit Club, and had a small role in the film American Pie: The Book of Love in 2009.
He first became romantically linked to former volleyball player Victoria Prince in 2008. Their first child, Jordan Kay, was born in 2011 and the pair married two years later. They’ve since gone to have a second child together.


  1. If you remarry dorsn’t child support stop? Because you are married now? That’s the law in my country. Both of them can lay down and not work while Britney is killing herself with work, losing her two boys, her father taking her money. What’s the point to remarry and have child support. You can go on and marry 5 times, have 5 kids, get support and not work never again.

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