Delicious Things You Can Make With A Bag Of Fritos

If you eat Fritos straight from the bag, you’re doing it right. The greasy corn chips satisfy to perfection when you’re hankering for something salty.

But, as you probably know, they’re good for more than just snacking: Most will recognize the classic Frito pie made in a casserole dish or straight in the Fritos bag. But Fritos can be integrated into dishes way beyond that — even into dessert territory. It’s true.

Chocolate-covered Fritos, Fritos-stuffed burritos, Fritos-topped hot dogs and even chicken strips made crunchy with a Fritos crust are all possibilities. Perhaps these chips were the underdog of your elementary school cafeteria, but these days, they’re the star. Check out these crunchy cool eats below.

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