The Frito Pie Burger

The Texas specialty on a burger topped with Fritos, chili, and cheddar.


  • 1/3-lb ground beef patties, seasoned and cooked to your preference
  • Burger buns (Jalapeno Cheddar Buns or Shiner Bock bun are solid choices)
  • Fresh jalapeno slices
  • Fritos (Original, not Scoops)
  • Chopped white onion
  • Chili
  • Grated cheddar


  1. Heat the chili to very hot.
  2. Place the burger on the bottom bun and then layer the toppings: Fresh jalapeno slices, a small handful of Fritos, a pinch of chopped white onion, a large spoonful of chili, and a large handful of grated cheddar.
  3. Serve immediately. Possibly with a fork.



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