Just cause she looks good doesn’t make her a fit mother.

Rest In Peace 2-year-old Ramon Angel Reyes-Chavez.

Becareful who you have kids with!

Court documents revealed 19-year-old Ayled Chavez told police her two-year-old son had sustained “several injuries” as a result of the child “being hit by the door of a vehicle” after being in the care of her boyfriend, Kaleb Kessinger.

Court documents went on to say that after Chavez had gotten her child back from her boyfriend, the child was still alive. However, she reported as they tried getting medical attention for the child, he died, according to court documents.

Both Chavez and her boyfriend then “drove to a remote area, where they left the child’s body”, according to court documents.

The documents said Chavez and her boyfriend later returned to the remote area and buried the body of the child.

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