First Time in Blue Cave in Bisevo, Croatia 🇭🇷

Visiting the Blue Cave

Getting There
The system in place involves a boat to Mezuporat, a small cove and harbour on Bisevo island, whereupon you purchase a numbered ticket and wait for a small boat to take you into the cave. Although there is a small passenger ferry that connects Komiza with Mezuporat and other ports on Bisevo, it’s mainly for the benefit of workers and islanders. The best option is to book a boat transfer from an agency in Komiza. There are small, fast boats that whisk you out in 15 minutes or slower large boats that take 30 minutes.

Although a short distance, the waters between Komiza and Bisevo are subject to unpredictable winds and tides. The crossing can be choppy which is why there are no advance bookings. Those inclined to sea-sickness are advised to take a fast boat rather than a ferry.

Another good option is to combine a visit to the Blue Cave with stops at other places on Bisevo island such as the Green Cave and Porat which is known for its beach. One highly recommended operator is Ames Trips, based in Komiza.

Ticket Prices 2018
Prices to enter the Blue Cave are 100/50Kn adult/child July-August; 70/35Kn off-season

As the tickets are numbered, it’s possible to wait in the shade until your number is called to board the small boat to enter the cave. It sounds more organized than it is as staff can be easily overwhelmed by the crowds. There are toilets, a bar and snack shop. It’s wise to bring a bottle of water to avoid more lines and inflated prices.

Once your boat is inside cave you experience views. The light shows its miraculous powers and give stunning views of cool, clear and calm water. Clear water lets you see the bottom. The only regret is that you do not get enough time to spend inside and appreciate the beauty of nature.

In the Cave
Visits are limited to an official maximum of 15 minutes but in practice visits are much shorter, sometimes as little as five minutes. There is no swimming in the cave. Currently, there is no limit to the number of boats in the cave which means that the cave can be bumper-to-bumper with boats in the summer.

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