Lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano could leave thousands trapped


The situation around Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is growing more serious by the hour. Another crack opened up in the earth Monday, sending more lava to the surface and threatening more homes.

Kilauea’s latest and ever more aggressive eruptions are both mesmerizing and concerning to Hawaii emergency officials.

Since the explosive series of eruptions began early this month, more than three dozen homes have been destroyed. Even as the lava flows harden, new fissures keep emerging, some 1,000-feet long.

Watch these three videos below:

The next video is by: Db Photo at Primary Focus.
He began the live stream by describing what he said were “lava bombs” about “half the size of a VW Beetle” raining down. He said it was an intense encounter and that he waited his whole life to see something like it.

Barrios said he was filming in the Kapoho community — which is located in the Puna district of Hawaii, where a 17th fissure opened up early Sunday morning.

You can watch the entire encounter in the Facebook video above, or by visiting his Facebook page at this link, or his Instagram account.

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