Bangladesh Roof Train Ridding

Men, women and children are yanked up onto the 12-ft-high roof of the train as they struggle to find themselves space on the often-dangerous journey home after work.

Those who ride the roof every day to work, too broke to pay for a spot inside, eventually get accustomed to the shaking. They learn how to gracefully duck low-hanging tree limbs and nonchalantly avoid decapitation by stray wire. These regulars often grow so comfortable that they doze as they ride. But all it takes is a sudden stop or a crazy dream, and then even these veterans run the risk of rolling right off.

The safety regulations in Bangladesh are almost non-existent, and therefore this type of crowding is allowed. There would be no way anything like this would be allowed in a place that had a stringent policy.

Could you imagine having to ride like this?

The train goes about 35 miles per hour.

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