Starting a Garden on a Budget DIY

I decided I want a garden this year. I was shocked by how expensive wood was. It’s anywhere from $11 a board all the way up to $26 for one board. So at Menards I found a 70% off pile witch is typically warped…but it will do. 70% off was about $3-$4 a board. Also pre planning your dimensions is beneficial cause Menards can cut the boards to the dimensions you need.

First step was planning out the dimensions in the yard. I marked it with a can of orange spray paint from Menards that cost $1.37.

Next was tilling. I happen to have a tiller. If you don’t you can cheaply rent one for $20 to $40 for a few hours.

Holding a tiller was not easy, so I had to ask for my husband’s help.

My garden is 9 feet by 16 feet.

After it is all tilled you are ready to start laying your boards. While I’m no expert on garden design I thought it would be fun just to try out what I envisioned in my own mind.

I laid a 2x4x9 at the top outter edge and 2x4x16’s at the two side outter edges. Then I took a 2x4x3′ and put it at the top inside edge, and two 2x4x13 at the inside side edges.

Next I took 4 bags of mulch and placed it on the inside. I wanted a space where multiple people can stand and move without getting in eachothers way. Mulch was on sale for 6 bags for $10 at Menards at the time.

Next was filling the outsides with soil. Compost is best. If you can find free compost and transport it home this is the cheapest way. However, the cheapest way I could find was going to Menards and buying topsoil $1.47 for a 40 lb bag.

I use 10 bags just at the top and it only filled halfway. So in estimating it looks like I need another 10 bags at the top and my guess would be about 30 bags on each side. I plan to find some free compost.

Stay tuned for a continuation of the garden. I plan to put up a fence around it and a gate to get in.

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