FTDI and Keto Air Fried Chicken

Today I received a gift of a Air Fryer! I was so excited because I have been dieting for the last 6 weeks and lost 25 pounds!

I didn’t know what to expect as far as unpackaging. However, it was really easy. It was already fully assembled!

To get started, I bought:

Chicken tenderloins,

Fine Himalayan Salt


Garlic Powder


Old Fashioned Quaker Oats

To start I got my blender out, filled it with Quaker Oats and started the blender to make flour!

After it was done I poured it into a bowl!

Next I seperated the egg whites so there would be no egg yokes used!

Then I lined all my bowls up in the order I was using them. You can mix your seasonings in with your oatmeal flour!

After the chicken was defrosted I placed the chicken bowl first in line!

Final steps yay! I took each price of chicken and dipped it into the egg whites.

Then into the oatmeal flour and set it on a plate ready so I can put them all in at once!

Now the time to finally taste if using a Air Fryer and eating healthy fried chick is actually good! I put it in the air fryer for 20 minutes. The wait is killing me…

It came out so crispy! This air fryer had over exceeded my expectations! Honestly, I think this is way better then fried chicken in grease! I’m beyond amazed at this product. I might turn into a cook after all!

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