Valley Fair Season Passes if you live in Minnesota

This summer I got our whole family Valley Fair passes! The season passes where surprisingly affordable.

Our 3 year old was able to get a free pass! I learned if your child is 3-5 years of age you can get you pass for free! Click here to sign up for a free pass before it’s too late! You have until June 10th!

Valley Fair offers Season Passes on payment plans! Who knew it would be so affordable. They allow you to purchase Season Passes on a easy payment plan of $14.50 per month! That is amazing considering a one day pass is half the price of a season pass! As soon as you pay your first payment you can utilize Valley Fair!

The Gold Pass to me was the best option cause it included parking and Valley Scare! Also because I plan to only visit in Minnesota!

However, the Platinum Season pass right now is really affordable too on a payment plan offered until June 10th!

With this pass you can go to any of the Cedar Fair Parks across the country!

After researching here is the list I seen on Wikipedia:

If you haven’t been to Valley Fair recently there are a lt of cool rides.

Steel Venom! What a rush! But can you handle it!?

The newer north star ride!

Here is a cool video on it!

If you have younger kids there are tons of rides for them as well!

Lockers are $15, make sure you do not get a locker in the water park if you do not plan to empty your locker before 7pm. At 7pm the water park closes, you will be locked out. They then clean out all the lockers throwing everyone’s stuff in bags and they drop it off at lost and found! I’ve experienced this personally. It’s a mess to figure out where your stuff is.

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