Gazebo Restaurant Napili Bay, Hawaii

I’m up bright and early for breakfast!We got there at 7:15 AM and there was already a large line. The Gazebo always has a very long wait, typically 40 to 60 minutes, and unfortunately they do not take reservations. Here is how beautiful it is walking up.

And below is the already long line at 7:30am this morning..

Some cool things about the restaurant; while you wait they give you a umbrella to shelf you from the hot sun.

The Gazebo is a really small place in back of codos, it’s pretty hard to find. Parking is spotty (pun intended), it’s shared with the resort, and only about 10 spots. I would just park on the street and make your way down towards the water/pool which is there the line for the Gazebo starts. You’ll see a line for sure that’s how you know you’re in the right now. It’s small, but big enough.

The place is small and that’s about the smallest thing there. Everything else, portions are huge. Seeing the shock on people’s face when they get the fried rice portion because it is HUGE, made me smile cause I was shocked myself. The tables turnover rate is pretty good and it’s not that hard to grab a waitress’ attention. Food comes out quickly and fresh.

I ordered the Macadamia nut pancakes and fried rice at The Gazebo, wow!!!

Honestly it was a lot more food then I expected. I couldn’t even eat it all!

PRO TIP: if the line is long and you don’t want to wait, place your order to go and eat outside on the beach! We did this yesterday, and our food was ready to go in less than 10 minutes. We set up a picnic on the lawn in front of the restaurant, and enjoyed the gorgeous view of the Napili shore.

Banana Mac Nut Pancakes:

The pancakes are huge, light, and fluffy. The bananas are mixed into the pancakes and also served on top. So good and hits the sweet tooth. Not excessively sweet. There is coconut syrup on every table. I’ve never had or seen coconut syrup before today!

Fried Rice:

A full order is enough to serve 3 – 4 people unless you are super hungry. It has ham, portugese sausage, egg, and a bunch of other stuff. Definitely tastes good. I ordered it for myself and you can see how large it is.

The view while you eat is breathtaking and relaxing.

My friend ordered the Eggs Benedict. Generous amount of hollandaise smothered over perfectly poached eggs.

Inside the Gazebo the decorating is busy and interesting!

The Gazebo defiantly has the best breakfast on the Island!

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