Help Wanted Looking For Guest Bloggers

Hello bloggers of Earth!

I am looking for fellow bloggers to collaborate with on Lifestyle Media.

Basically what I’m looking for is guest contributors, and bloggers for interviews.

Here are the requirements for each opportunity:

Guest Contributors:

If you have any tips to share about blogging and the blogging business, I’d like to have you on my blog. If you travel a lot and have great pictures and stories to share. If you love food, recipes and cooking!

Your article has to be:

  • In the topic of blogging & travel and food.
  • With no affiliate links.
  • 100% original.

I would need to see previous examples of your work so send me a link, and I reserve the right to edit the content according to my audience.

*Please note this is not a paid job but you will get 2 links to your own blog and I’ll be sharing your post with my subscribers and social media followers.

Guest Interviews:

If you have had any success in blogging and have been blogging for more than 1 year. I’d love to pick your brain about blogging and your blogging business. If you are paid for travel, photography or are a expert with affiliate links, I am looking to hear from you.

My interviews are just “text based” so if you agree to the interview, I’ll send you some questions via email and you can answer them in your own time.

I would need around 4-5 sentences answers for each question. Pictures make it better too. No copywritten images.

If you’re interested, get in contact with me, send me your URL and your experience with blogging and the online business world. The ideal candidate would also have experience with making money with blogging.

*Please also note this is not a paid job either but like a guest contributor, you will get 2 links back to your site and I’ll be sharing your interview with my subscribers and social media followers.



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