Blogging Recipes How to Correctly Do So

As a blogger and owning a blog and paying my very first Independent Contractor to write there are a few things I have learned. It is very important you create guidelines for your writers you hire to follow, since not everyone has common sense. For your blog you want original content and don’t want someone you pay copy and pasting others content. Otherwise what is the point in paying them? Your 5-year-old could copy and paste. 

When you pay someone its pretty hard to go track down if its original or not, and sometimes you might be so busy you might not notice until its brought to you. Trying to track down if a writer you are paying to hopefully take the time to write original content can be a full-time job. It’s almost not worth it if they are not a good honest person willing to put in the work. If you are paying bloggers, plagiarism is just a few clicks away and some bloggers are willing to pretend to write anything just to get paid and make it appear they are taking the time to actually write. I highly suggest you get rid of those people quick. They will try to give you every excuse in the book like “I gave the person credit by keeping their author name and all their links.” Everyone knows that is not the way it works. Zero tolerance for this. The majority of us have had English class in high school to know this is not OK, or how to APA long quote. 

Here are some step by step instructions on how to share recipes properly.

  1. Always have an intro and write you own words. This will help you to introduce the recipe and why it is important to you, and gain your reader’s interest.
  2. Ingredients, if you have to copy and paste something, share only the ingredients. This is the only part of the recipe you are allowed to copy and paste. The ingredients are not covered under the copy right law. The blogger you are taking it from might take offense and be upset over it, but it is allowed, and it is legal.
  3. Directions, Do not copy and paste this section. You can rewrite it into your own, or you can place a link in your blog to link back to the original article.
  4. Use Royalty free stock photos, or contact the owner to ask to use their photo. A lot of people are more than happy to share since their watermark is on the photo. It gives them more exposure. However, always contact them first.

I plan to share this article with any future bloggers I hire going forward. Its unacceptable, and extremely careless for any adult to copy and paste anyone’s material especially when they are being paid to write.


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