DIY Kitchen Renovation

Monday this week my husband and I started demolishing our kitchen! A woman’s dream is always a brand new kitchen right?!

This is our first time so we did not know entirely how to do this. It was actually pretty easy to do!

Nevermind the mess all over the kitchen, we were trying to empty all the cupboards and cabinets!

First you will want to unscrew all the cabinet doors by the hinges.

Next, your cabinets are actually screwed into the studs in the back of the wall. You can see two screws at the top, along the top board. There are also two at the bottom.

Next you will want to take off the top molding from the cabinets, as seen below.

You will want a pry bar for the next step. Gently push the pry bar behind the back of the cabinet, it should easily come off. It it does not, look around for some screws that you might have missed.

As you can see we have fully removed the tall cabinet you seen in the above pictures. We also decided to cut some of the drywall 2 ft up, which we will cover on how to replace in a later article. The flooring as you can see we started to rip that up as well. Women love brand new floors, and appliances too. 😍😎

You keep going all around as you did the first cabinet.

I did ask for my kitchen sink to stay for a bit until another came in.

Honestly, I love learning and love DIY. I did have a contractor out before I started just to get a estimate, as it’s a bit scary to dive into a project this size for your first time. However, the contractor gave me a $40,000 estimate to do all of the work. Even if I had $40,000 which I do not, I am not going to pay that. I thought the contractor was off his rocker with that estimate.

Menards and Home Depot are both my best friends. They have a really nice design center where you give them the meausurments of the kitchen, and you start designing.

You can purchase your whole brand new kitchen from them and pick it up yourself from the store.

Wa-la…a huge savings DIY is! I also think I’m now a kitchen remodel expert haha….or a good observer and manager? 😂😂😂

Ceramic Tile throughout, and a dream kitchen!

Watch this funny DIY video!

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