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Whoa Zone

Sponsored by the Whoa Zone, however all opinions and fun are my own!

If you have never been to Whoa Zone at Whihala Beach you are definitely missing out! This is an inflatable water park in Lake Michigan, located in Whiting, Indiana. From Chicago it is only about a half hour drive, and you will have to go through the Indiana Toll if you are coming from Chicago.


Parking at the Whoa Zone was really nice and uncrowded. It was very affordable. As you come in to Whihala Beach it is breathtaking! We are pumped and ready to start our day of fun! Welcome to Whihala Beach! I hope your ready for the adventure I am about to present to you!


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As soon as you arrive walk through the short path and arrive at the Whoa Zone you will see a few tents, filled with those who work here. The staff is beyond great, helpful and nice. There are two tents, one you can purchase your tickets from, and one you would go to if you have already bought your ticket. You will get a wrist band, and then be sent over to receive a life jacket.

Getting Wrist Bands


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The above picture is the start of this fun filled floating water park. I could pretty much touch the whole way out, the bottom was nice and sandy walking, the water was warm and just magical. I think I have developed a love for Lake Michigan, I love how it can look so blue. Watch this funny video of me attempting to make it through this obstacle…with a cell phone. Put the video on Full Screen for best results! I recommend you do not bring your phone in the water with you to do this obstacle.


Pictures cannot even begin to describe how fun and laid back this place is. You will forever build some great family memories here.


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The trampolies were a filled with family laughter as we loved these! It was such a blessing to see my kids all get out there and have fun, and away from all electronics! Just what our family needed.


As you can see it is very safe to be out here, and there are wonderful lifeguards all around watching over everyone to ensure safety.

Do you dare to run? Can you make it across? This was so much fun to watch my kids try to run as fast as they could to try to make it all the way across on the floating steps.


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Honestly none of my kids made it across and feel on the third green floating part.


Photo Credit: Lifestyle Media

There is just so much to do out here on the floating water park, and so many different ways you can go. Its such a great time.


Photo Credit: Lifestyle Media

Below is a challenge, it was so hard to get up to the top of the arch, probably more so because we all could not stop laughing as we watched each other fall in the water.


Photo Credit: Lifestyle Media

If you have never been here, you will want to plan your trip to try it out. It is well worth it. This is our new family vacation spot where we plan to go ever summer. It is so easy to imagine having so much fun here, with your family, as a couple, or just yourself. This is fun-filled place, where families can spend the day.


Video taken below with my drone of Whoa Zone, and my kids playing after the Whoa Zone adventure in Lake Michigan:


Whoa Zone’s Website: https://whoazonewhihala.com/

Whoa Zone’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whoazonewhihala/

Feel free to check out our slide show of all pictures taken:

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