Wendella Boats Chicago Tour

Sponsored by the Wendella Boats, however all opinions and fun are my own!

It was my families first time on a Chicago boat tour, and Wendella Boats had so many different options to choose from. Our family decided to take the Chicago Sunset Cruise, which was the best 90 minutes I have had with seeing so much from day to night.

The narrated 90 minute tour was so interesting, and educational.


I love architecture, so going through downtown Chicago was a blast for me.



Short clip below of narration of tour:

Below as we started to enter the lock, this is the first time I have ever seen a lock. I thought it was so interesting how they close one gate behind us, then open the one in the front of us!


As the gate in front of us opens, there is a 4 foot difference in elevation then the Chicago River. Which was so interesting to me. In the picture below you can see as they opening the gate all of the  beautiful water rushing in.


As we got out to Lake Michigan the sun started to set. The views were amazing from start until finish. Our family had such a blast on Wendella Boats Sunset Cruise. It was relaxing, not crowded at all, and it was a Saturday.


There are two levels to the boat, as you can see its not crowded, making it relaxing, breathtaking, and overall a great time.


We basically had the whole lower half of the boat to ourselves. In our own world, in the middle of Lake Michigan enjoying life as a family. Memories you make with your family are irreplaceable and will be remembered for life.


Wendella Sunset Cruise! Its more then amazing.


After a while we headed back up to the top of the boat to enjoy the 360 views. There is nothing greater in this world then seeing your kids laugh, and your family love in calm peace, in a world full of internet, electronics and chaos.

As we cruise out…the sun starts to set. Million dollar views appear before our eyes.


Beautiful..the sunset cruise is one I would highly recommend I cannot say enough good things about this tour.


Who loves Wendella Boat Tour? We do! Who wants to go again? We do!


As you watch the sunset holding your family close, it brings a sense of peace. It makes you feel so grateful for moments like this, holding your loved ones tight.


A little slice of heaven. This is what life is all about.


As we pull back into the river, the lights start to come on. Seeing it in person just takes your breath away.


This was such a great experience and tour to be on. We plan to do this again next time we are in Chicago!


Even the video looks amazing just of the sky alone!



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