How I Search For Affordable Vacations

There are many ways people search for a upcoming trip they would like to plan, whether it be for singles, families, or Seniors. If you have a specific way, please comment and let me know!

However this is my way.

First I just search the word flights into google search.


The only thing I type in is the airport nearest me to fly from, and I leave Destination blank. Next I fill in the dates I am looking at traveling and then click search.

It will give me the US destinations and the costs for round trip! September and April I have found are the cheapest months to travel.


I can go to New York or Las Vegas round trip in September over the weekend for under $200! Wow! What a deal. If you can handle flying on smaller jets, and in coach as well as odd hours, and handle it just for the three hour air travel, this is a deal.

I see even Cancun Mexico is Just $200 for round trip.

You can scroll to anywhere in the world and it will give you the price of a round trip flight for the days that you selected.


Want to fly to London? Paris? Dubai?

I want to hear from you how you find your flights and choose your destinations to travel!

If you sell vacations please contact me at I would like to collaborate with you.

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