Who will pay you to write about travel?

This morning while doing some research on how to expand my income, I came across a few companies that will pay you to write about your travel. Since I have not used them before I cannot give any opinion on whether each is worth it or not.

Here are some companies I found while researching the internet listed on Travel Magazine:

Trailer Life is a monthly magazine for RV enthusiasts. They cover travel destinations, outdoor activities, technical trailer info, and DIY projects for trailers. They pay $100 to $700, depending on the topic. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

ROVA Magazine is an RV, road trip and outdoor adventure magazine for millennials and Gen Xers. According to their editor, Gemma Peckham, they pay $200 per article. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Almost Fearless is an adventure/travel magazine for parents. They want practical information about how to have adventures (and travel) with kids. They also want essays and think pieces about what it means ot be a parent and live a fulfilled life. They pay $1 per word for print, and $50 to $250 for web articles. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

AFAR is the ‘experiential travel guide.’ They cover travel stories from a more personal perspective, telling their “stories through people, allowing readers to explore authentic local cultures from the inside out.” Payment reports indicate $1 a word as a common payment rate. Keep in mind that pay will need to be negotiated. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Journey is AAA’s magazine for their members in Washington and Northern Idaho. They reach over 600,000 readers a month. Payment reports indicate $1 a word for payment. They aim to “present readers with lively and informative stories on lifestyle, travel and automotive topics that encourage them to discover and explore the Northwest and beyond.” To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Great Escape Publishing helps writers get paid to travel. They accept articles in a variety of categories, including articles about travel blogging, creating your own tours, the import/export business, travel writing, and photography. They pay between $50 and $200, depending on the nature of the writing. To learn more read their submission guidelines.

Escapees Magazine is the magazine of the Escapees RV Club. They offer articles, tips, and personal views about RVing. They particularly want technical and informational articles are RVs. They’re primarily written by members of their club, but they do accept submissions from non-members as well. They pay up to $150 per article. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Ensemble Vacations: Travel writers can get published in this magazine by writing articles on the art, food, lodgings, and attractions of destinations all over the world. Rates are competitive and more information can be found on writer’s guidelines here

101 Holidays is a travel website based in the UK. They publish travel articles such as “6 of the best beaches in Sicily” and “6 French country retreats for families.” They pay between £50 and £100 per article published. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

101 Honeymoons, run by the same company as 101 Holidays, focuses on travel destinations suitable for honeymoons. They have the same submission guidelines.

Adventure Motorcycle showcases “courageous people on inspiring rides around the world.” They profile riders, publish industry news, bike reviews, event reports, and DVD reviews. They require photos with their articles. Payment starts at $150 for features and ride reports. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Rider Magazine is for mature, discerning and affluent motorcycling enthusiasts. They buy mini travel stories called Favourite Rides, full-length travel/tour features, and other topics – which is almost anything in the world of motorcycling, including unusual museums or events, or stand-out motorcycle organizations. They pay $200 and up. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Verge Magazine is for “people who travel with purpose.” They are a travel magazine for people interested in volunteering, working, and studying overseas. They pay 10 cents (CAD) per word. Department articles are typically 800 words. Features are 2,000 to 2,500 words. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Transitions Abroad publishes articles on “travel, work, study, living, and volunteering abroad.” They want practical information gained from first-hand experience. They pay up to $150 an article. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Cruise Industry News is a trade magazine and website for the cruise industry. They publish news articles of interest to industry executives and professionals. They don’t publish submission guidelines, but you can contact their editors here.

Porthole Cruise Magazine is a consumer focused travel magazine on the topic of cruises and cruising. They publish cruise ship reviews, destination travel information, and photo essays. Payment reports indicate a payment of $400 for an 800 word article. Rates will need to be negotiated. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

The Viator Travel Blog accepts pitches for feature length contributions. They want to share an “insider’s view of travel” with a focus on more traditional tourism. They also have a helpful list of cities they need articles about. They pay $100-$150 for features. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Travel Weekly is another well-known travel trade publication. They have a circulation of 37,000 and have both a print edition, as well as digital edition. In addition to topics like cruises and hotels, they also cover corporate travel and breaking news. Submit an application to be a freelance writer here

TravelPulse – While some articles on TravelPulse.com are consumer-oriented, they also publish content relevant to travel agents and other industry professionals. They pay $50 an article and you can find their submission guidelines here: http://www.travelpulse.com/more/contact_us.html#write_for_us.

Traveltalk is an Australian travel trade publication that also has consumer readership. It’s the country’s highest circulated travel industry magazine. For those familiar with the Australian travel industry, Traveltalk is the perfect magazine to pitch.
Website: traveltalkmag.com.au
Editors: http://www.traveltalkmag.com.au/contact

International Living publishes articles on living overseas. They’re looking for unique, personal articles from international writers. They pay $75 for “daily postcards,” which share stories from expats. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

DesertUSA publishes all kinds of articles about the North American Desert regions. They accept submissions for several sections of their site, including the Wildlife, Adventure, and Desert Lore sections. They pay $100 per article with accompanying photos. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Alaska Airlines Magazine is the monthly in-flight magazine for Alaska Airlines. They are 75 percent written by freelance writers. They pay between $150 and $700. They also occasionally reimburse for expenses. They have thorough guidelines, including an editorial calendar, on their website.

Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine. Air Canada’s magazine reaches over 1 million readers a month. They have an international audience, and high expectations. They accept submissions in a variety of categories. They aim to respond to submissions within 30 days. According to our sources, they pay $1 CDN per word. Be sure to read their full submission guidelines

Horizon Edition Magazine. Horizon Air is a regional airline affiliated with Alaska Air. Their magazine is largely written by freelance writers. The pay rates start at $100 for short articles, and $450 for feature stories, plus expenses. Here are their full contributor guidelines.

Delta Sky Magazine. Delta is a large airline, with a big audience. They accept submissions of articles ranging from 100 word pieces to 2,000 word feature stories. They also have an editorial internship program. Here are their writer guidelines.

Travel + Leisure Magazine pays $1 a word. The vast majority of their writing is from freelance writers. They have a very large audience, with a circulation of 950,00. The editors “are looking for a compelling reason to assign an article: a specific angle, news that makes the subject fresh, a writer’s enthusiasm for and familiarity with the topic.” To learn more, read their contributor guidelines

Hawaii Magazine is a regional travel magazine with a readership of more than a 250,000 per issue. It’s for “people who love Hawaii and visit often.” They use freelance writers for “travel stories, personality profiles, stories on activities, history, culture, music, food and environmental sustainability.” To learn more, read their freelance guidelines.

Smarter Travel publishes slideshows and feature length stories on a”range of consumer travel topics, including booking strategies, saving money, avoiding scams, packing tips, best places to go, travel tech, travel trends, and travel tips that represent all kinds of travelers and travel experiences.” They pay $500 for long-form articles and $100 to $250 for shorter posts. To learn more, read their submission guidelines

Journeywoman accepts articles about female-centric travel experiences. They want articles written from a woman’s point of view which contain information of interest to women travelers, up to 900 words in length. Journeywoman pays a flat $35 per accepted article. To learn more, read their contributor guidelines

Hana Hou! is the magazine of Hawaiian Airlines. They “fresh, insightful views of the people, places and cultures that make our island home so special.” They pay 40 cents per word for features and department articles. To learn more, read their submission guidelines

Canoeroots Magazine publishes articles about canoeing and canoe camping. They accept profiles of important figures in the canoeing lifestyle, adventure travel stories, how-to articles, family camping features, and more. Pay is negotiated with the editor up to $0.20 per word. To learn more, read their contributor guidelines

Seattle Magazine wants news-related stories about the city and region, civic and social issues, local travel, food news, home, interiors, and other lifestyle stories, arts and culture, home and garden, and front-of-book features. Query first. Word count: 1,500-3,500 for features; 1,200 for departments; 200-300 for very short pieces. Pay: $400-$1,000 for features; $350 for departments; $50-100 for very short pieces. Details here.

Kentucky Monthly features articles on Kentucky’s culture, food, history, lifestyle, outdoors, travel and human interest. Pitch early. Word count: 1,000-2,500 Pay: $0.15/word
Details here.

The Los Angeles Times Travel section includes original sophisticated and compelling destination articles that evoke “a strong sense of place (sounds, colors, smells, tastes), time (when did you go?), expertise and personal perspective.” Trips must be taken within the previous two years. Editors look for first person experiential pieces (about 2,000 words) and Guidebooks (about 500 to 700 words). Payment is $200-$750 for print stories and $500 for online only stories. To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: http://www.latimes.com/la-trw-guidelines-story-story.html.

Baja Life (The Journal of Mexico’s Magnificent Peninsula) is a quarterly magazine published by Baja Communications Group. It is dedicated to advancing tourism, education, and protection of the Baja Peninsula’s environment. Editors want to take their readers “on a colorful journey of adventure featuring Baja’s unique and fragile eco-systems, remote and exotic treks, marine and desert ecology, ‘green living,’ luxurious resorts and boutique hotels, plus unlimited outdoor activities.” Payment is $0.10 per features (2,000 words) and travel reports (600-1,000 words). To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: http://www.bajalifemag.com/Writers.htm.

Road & Travel is an online magazine covering automotive travel, with the goal of helping consumers make good choices. They state that pay for auto reviews is between $0 and $100, so be sure to be clear about your payment requirements. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

I definitely plan to try some of these and report on them!

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