Minnehaha Park Travel Minnesota

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Minneahaha Park is a city park in Minneapolis, MN. It is Architecturally a  beautiful place, as well as a great place to spend the day hiking, wading, or just taking pictures.



When you arrive and pay for street parking at the meters, you will be at the top of the waterfall. It is a beautiful place!


There is a extremely good restaurant here as well called Sea Salt Eatery. As you can see there is so much to do here, where you can easily spend all day at the park, alone, with family, or a romantic day out. Give your legs a break and rent a bike! This is on my bucket list, I have yet to do this yet.


The sound of the waterfall is so peaceful. This place is really a hidden gem in Minnesota.

“There is a waterfall in every dream. Cool and crystal clear, it falls gently on the sleeper, cleansing the mind and soothing the soul.”
― Virginia Alison


Walking down to the bottom of the waterfall and to some of the trails is safe. But a lot of stairs so wear good shoes. Remember what goes down must come up! In this case anyways.


This picture below is taken at the ground level of the waterfall, there is a beautiful bridge where the waterfall flows through. You will see a lot of people taking pictures here as well.


Hiking through the paths is relaxing. Its not as crowded on the paths, obviously if you have small kids you will want to always have your eye on them and keep them within arms reach.


Where the water flows through the bridge leads to lots of wading in the water. The current is not strong any of the times I have been there, it is like a tropical getaway right here in Minneapolis.


When you are all done enjoying your day, you will have quit a hike up the stairs to the top.



With tons of beauty at the ground level of the waterfall, there is also so much beauty at the top. Everywhere you look there are great photo opportunities for you, your family, or date.

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