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If you’re next vacation is Havana Cuba, you should consider a walking tour. I found a great walking tour on Facebook with excellent reviews! Called Free Tour Havana.

Their tour focuses on walking tours through the Old Town on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, starting at 10.30 am at the Capitol steps.
During their 2 to 5 hours walking tour through the Old Town, their guides show you the most important sights in this part of the city. At the same time give you a general introduction to Cuban history and culture. Everyday life in the Old Town also plays an essential role.

Here are only a few of the places that you will see on our tour:

Capitol –

Grand Theater –

Revolution Museum –

Cathedral Square –

The tours are tip-based and you don’t need to reserve anything, just come.

What is really cool is they are capable of giving the tour in multiple languages, just ask!

Check out this video I found on YouTube:

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