Driving from Key Largo to Key West

The Florida Keys is a awesome drive if you ever get the chance! Some quick facts, the overseas highway is 113 miles long.

If you drove directly from Key Largo to Key West, it would take you roughly 2.5 hours. However along the way there are so many cool stops and breathtaking views!

There are hundreds of islands, these small islands are joined by a series of bridges. The longest bridge is Seven Mile Bridge, which joins Knights Key in the Middle Keys with Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys.

Before the construction of the Overseas Highway, the Keys were linked by the Overseas Railway. Portions of this railway were destroyed a powerful hurricane that made a direct hit on the Florida Keys in 1935. The railroad bridges were then transformed into roadways. In the 1980’s, new highways were constructed but the old railway bridges can still be seen today. Some of these have been converted into fishing bridges.

We stopped in Key Largo at Sunset Cove Beach Resort. Was unplanned and last minute as we wanted to experience some of Key Largo.

It was relaxing as we pulled our boat out to the gulf!

My husband is not a swimmer so his happy face wasnt so happy!

We both really enjoyed the palm trees, warm weather and sunsets!

Next onwards towards Key West! If you get the chance rent a convertible car or jeep! We have taken multiple trips so always enjoy!

Another great stop in the Keys is at the Rain Barrel Sculpture Gallery! You cant miss the place as you see a giant lobster out front!

They sell everything from wind chimes to clothing and jewelry as well as arts and crafts! It’s a fun place to browse, or buy some strange things!

Next stop along our journey is Morada Bay in Islamorada! Great place to stop for a snack and some tropical drinks! I love the white sandy beaches!

Seven Mile Bridge:

Seven Mile Bridge is the longest bridge in the Florida Keys, joining Knights Key in the Middle Keys with Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys. This is the one thing you can enjoy without leaving your car.

However, there are plenty of spots to quickly pull off around the area to get out and enjoy!

On our drive we also seen tons of lizards running everywhere across the roads!

Finally as you get into Key West there are roosters everywhere!

Key West is a beautiful place with Beautiful sunsets! See our article on Key West later today!

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